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Consultation Services

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We are passionate about spreading the word; informing the world about the state of nature, and what we can do to restore it, so that it is once more a vibrant kaleidoscope, teeming with life, weaving itself into everyone’s day.

To that end, we plan on offering a range of educational talks and workshops to get the message out. So whether you are a group of like minded friends, an interest group, a workplace, a church, a council, a school, or a community, we aim to help you find out more about rewilding the planet - or just your garden.

These presentations are in the planning stage at present but if you are interested, or have any comments, especially about what topics you would find most useful, please help us tailor our programme by sending us a comment on our contact form.

Whether you are looking for support before wetting your feet on your first nature recovery voyage, or a seasoned veteran aiming to add a new venture to your project, or maybe things haven't turned out the way that you have expected and you want to take stock of your approach; A Call to ReWild would love to help.


Because the bottom line is, we want to see more natural habitats, where plants and animals can connect and thrive, and if that's your passion, or even a business goal, then we fully support you and thoroughly want to be a part of that amazing journey.

We offer short or long-term support with project planning, management and various tailored advice/roles. And we are happy to support projects from back yards to backwoods; so no matter the size of your plot, please drop us a line.

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If you are looking for ideas or to explore site potential, if you are wondering where to start or you're unsure of what order to complete tasks in, then please get in touch.

Maybe you want help writing a management plan, or a hand with natural process assessment, or need surveying advice. Maybe you are planning an entire rewilding scheme, or possibly you are looking to try a new approach in one area of an existing project.

Any and all of these options are possible, so please contact us with any questions. We are genuinely happy to help.

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Whether you are looking for assistance organising a fundamental kick-start to your natural processes, such as establishing natural woodland regeneration, or need help with managing annual maintenance tasks in your stream corridor, we can support you. If you want advice on site monitoring, or maybe guidance on reviewing tasks, projects, or management plans; we are there for you. Don’t forget we can be as hand-on or hand-off as you need. We can come in with specific answers or options to a specific question/brief, or we can take a more pastoral role and give sustained or periodic support, all the way through to acting as your consultant for the entire life of the project.

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At A Call to ReWild, we will always do our utmost to support you, and hence we are open to more complex or ad hoc involvement, naturally at our discretion, but please don’t be afraid to ask; we are always excited to expand our repertoire. Maybe you want advice on collaborating with other land managers or organisations. Or perhaps, you want to know more about hosting volunteers. We are always especially pleased to provide training and education to yourself, your team or volunteers, either as a presentation or on a one to one basis. Don’t forget, we are happy to be by your side for the entire journey, or for just one aspect of the venture.

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Please contact us for a chat to explore your needs and our services. If you need to follow-up with a more in-depth conversation or a video call, that's fine. Don't worry we won't start work (or charging you) until you are happy that our services are what you are looking for.

Once we both reach agreement, our charges are £30/h for site assessment, and both on-site and off-site works. However, we usually just ask for a deposit until completion unless its a particularly long or complex job. (We always endeavour to agree on a mutually acceptable payment schedule in these cases).

[Site size and commuting distance may influence minimum visit duration - please ask for details].

In a nutshell...

As an organisation, we are passionate about redressing the balance between ourselves and nature. We want everyone to understand the biodiversity crisis, its implications and how to heal it.

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