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Free Sample Course

Please be patient for the page to fully load before beginning.

Pressing the three dots in this control bar and then entering full screen mode, followed by the left/right arrows will provide the best experience.

Tips and troubleshooting

  • This course is designed to be used on desktop or laptop computers. It will work on tablets and mobile devices, but the experience does depend on the performance and screen size of those devices. The text can be difficult to read on smaller devices, whilst switching tabs for links can be difficult, and in my experience it often takes longer to load up on those devices, and is more “laggy”
  • When you first open the course for the day, it can take a short while before it becomes fully operational (Google’s icon on the top of the tab 'circles' until it has loaded up. When it stops circling you can open the course.
  • Almost all crashes, and buffering when using the course are caused by not waiting for it to fully load first. Especially as most navigation (and hence demands on the system) happen when navigating to your lecture at the start. Any problems are best solved by closing the course and starting again
  • A little patience at the start pays dividends, as the performance is usually seamless after that.
  • Using the contents page links make it far quicker to navigate the course than by individual slides.
  • So to skip forward one lecture for example, navigate to the next contents page and click the next lecture link.
  • To skip forward two or more lectures just repeat that twice (or more), or click the Main Contents Page link, then click on the desired lecture
  • To skip back a lecture or two, just use the Main Contents Page link and click the desired lecture
  • If you click an external link, your browser should open that in another tab or window. To return to the lecture session, just click on the tab for the course and continue where you left off. The course will have exited full screen now, but either click the three dots under the course icon again, and select Enter full screen. Or, alternatively, navigating left or right to another slide often returns you to full screen again anyway.

Terms & Conditions

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