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A Call to ReWild - view of countryside

We are an award winning company dedicated to the

Recovery of Biodiversity

Based in the heart of England, we provide top-tier

rewilding mentoring programmes

We have online courses to help you become an

expert in nature restoration

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Biodiversity Recovery Experts

Our aim is to assist nature recovery by providing extensive education, training and guidance to all, particularly home or landowners that are motivated to make space for nature.

Our approach is based upon the rewilding principles of creating the right conditions to allow natural processes to re-establish (preferably connecting sites together) to enable humanity and nature to flourish side by side.

So if you want to find out more about rewilding, how to let nature off the leash on your plot or ideas to diversify your farm in-light of disappearing subsidies, you've come to the right place. Equally, if you've already started on this path and need support or practical advice please get in touch.

For the ultimate learning, mentoring and fun experience, join one of our support programmes and become a member of the WildBunch Network. It will virtually guarantee you restoring nature on your plot. We'll iron out your obstacles, educate you every step of the way, hold your hand while you create your sanctuary from life's stress, enrich your community, build a legacy for the future, and help you find a direction in life. It's fulfilling, inspiring and great fun. Find out more here

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"I was looking to find a rewilding expert to help us get started with our 20 acres at home. I googled and found Richard who, from the get go was as excited about our project as we are. We made arrangements for Richard to travel down to us and he arrived promptly on the day, armed with his passion and wealth of knowledge he helped us make sense of our vision. Richard provided us with a comprehensive report which is very exciting and we cannot wait to get started. Like us, if you are not sure we recommend you just ask Richard. Also his website has some amazing courses and we are looking forward to furthering our education with him." - VG, West Sussex

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A renown author:
Richard's amazing new book "Learn How to ReWild" is available here on Amazon
Award winning:
2024 BRAND OF THE FUTURE at the Big Business Events Awards, Richardwith Adam Stott and Ross Temple
And we're in the press:
A Clarion Call to Rewild: Richard Godbehere
A Complete Guide to ReWilding - by Richard Godbehere

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Meet other nature lovers, collaborate and support each other on your journeys, have a laugh with newfound friends and celebrate your and nature's victories💚

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In a nutshell...

As an organisation, we are passionate about redressing the balance between ourselves and nature. We want everyone to understand the biodiversity crisis, its implications and how to heal it.

More about us

Biodiversity Recovery

Humanity has exponentially hunted, enclosed, fragmented and stressed species. Habitat loss, combined with climate change, invasive species, disease and extreme weather have left our natural world teetering on the edge.

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Support Guidance Mentoring

We offer a range of immersive nature-restoration programmes, holding your hand at every step as you transform your patch into a nature-rich, personal sanctuary and legacy for future generations

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Online Courses

We have produced the be all and end all of online courses, A Complete Guide to Rewilding, to help provide expert information so you make the right choices when transforming your (or any other) plot into a thriving, nature-rich ecosystem.

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