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About A Call to ReWild

In the 46 years between 1970-2016, global animal populations have declined on average by a jaw dropping


of mammals on earth are domestic animals, that mostly we eat; 36% are humans; which leaves a mere staggering 4% that are wild animals!!

In 2020 the World Economic Forum cited “climate action failure, extreme weather and biodiversity loss”, as the


greatest global risks

in terms of combined likelihood and impact - all are environmental!

So, what does this tell us?

  • Well, we have witnessed a deeply troubling loss of wildlife in the biological blink of an eye;
  • We and the food we eat, are by many country miles, the dominant presence on earth;
  • Even financial institutions are starting to wake up to the reality that the loss of biodiversity is more concerning than stock market stability, nuclear policies or water security

A Call to ReWild - view of woodland and scrub

About A Call to ReWild

"As an organisation we are passionate about redressing the balance between ourselves and nature".

In recent decades, most inhabitants of developed countries have unwittingly plundered the planets resources, especially plants and animals, in their blinkered, accelerating, consumerist drive. “Our lifestyles now consume more than 1.5 times the Earth’s ability to support them, yet most don't see the problem, let alone the solution. Which is? Well naturally sustainability at all scales - government, business, finance, travel, work, home, lifestyle.

But that is just the battle to prevent more damage; how do we repair seven thousand years plus of planetary pillage and restore the density of natures lost populations? To just go back to 1970 would require most animal populations to triple in size, and that would be just a fraction of what was once here.

Well, after 50 years of the continued outpourings of doom and gloom - ozone holes, climate change, El Niño, extinction rebellion and biodiversity crisis - we finally have a genuine good news story, a tool that can help balance the scales. Ideally, it still requires commitment of large swathes of the earth's surface to fully make a change, it still needs wholesale, global education amongst all ages and sectors of society, but it is remarkably successful, it requires relatively little work or money or expertise and you can use it almost anywhere....now.

The tool, if you haven't already guessed, is nature itself. And the technique with which to wield it, is rewilding.

So we started up A Call to ReWild primarily as a means to reverse the declines in biodiversity, to educate and assist people in making a difference to the world's much beleaguered wildlife and shrinking wild places.

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Our Aims

As already alluded to, we are all about education. We want everyone to understand the biodiversity crisis, its implications and how to heal it.

We want home and landowners to know that they have the ability to help nature thrive once more, and that it's cheap and easy to do.

To this end we have produced an enlightening online course to teach you the skills to assess your plot's biodiversity, how to improve it and hopefully through it, allow you (and others) to both reconnect with nature and maybe earn a living.

However, we don't give you all this knowledge, all these new skills and leave you thereafter to fend for yourself. We are passionate about seeing nature restored, first-hand,  at any scale. So if you need assistance we would be privileged to support you on your rewilding journey.

Whether you need help with initial ideas or planning your venture, whether it's more the set-up or ongoing management on which we can advise, or other aspects of the project that we can aid you with, then we would  be delighted to help. Please visit our We Support-Guide-Mentor You page if you'd like to explore this.

A Call to ReWild - view of a stream

We Believe Anyone can Help Nature

...because it's easy

If you want to help nature to get back on it's feet, then you have come to the right place. You sound like you are on our team already. And we can't think of a better way to help nature than by actually taking action; not talking about it, not waving money at it, but physically making space for nature. It really is easy to make a a tangible difference. But where can you do that? How? Well, there is one place you have control over... home, (and for the lucky few, work too). Just imagine if we all put some land aside. How invigorated would the land become?

Therefore, we are dedicated to making it easy for you to restore nature at home, or to rewild at work, or even change career and become a nature restoration practitioner yourself; whatever it takes to give wildlife more space, and you a far richer life into the bargain.

Why? Because if we get this right, the UK will become an enviably vibrant place, thriving with wild nature, and people once more grounded in the world around them. And why stop there, we're happy to take this global if you are!

Richard Godbehere from A Call to ReWild

Our Personnel

Richard Godbehere MSc

Richard is a conservation biologist based in Warwickshire, England, and founder of A Call to ReWild. Rescued from a previous life as a pharmacist, by an epiphany whilst conducting his thesis at Knepp Wildland, Richard has found a passion for rewilding, seeing it as a broad brush approach to restoring global wildlife and plant populations, rural life and the urban, 21st century, human disconnect with the natural world. Richard's work is frequently inspired by his time at Knepp and experience working with the Coast of Arran Seabed Trust.

With an academic and scientific background, Richard thrives on translating conservation theory and rewilding practice into clear and engaging presentations or courses, whilst his previous professional career has set him up well for his analytical, advisory and consultancy roles at A Call to ReWild.

Jane Godbehere

Jane is the Executive Manager and co-founder of A Call to ReWild. She has the passion and drive to make nature depletion a thing of the past in the UK, by supporting numerous people in their creation of natural stepping stones across the land. She has a vision of making us a model employer and our Wild Programmes household names.

Biodiversity Recovery

Humanity has exponentially hunted, enclosed, fragmented and stressed species. Habitat loss, combined with climate change, invasive species, disease and extreme weather have left our natural world teetering on the edge.

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We offer a range of immersive nature-restoration programmes, holding your hand at every step as you transform your patch into a nature-rich, personal sanctuary and legacy for future generations

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Online Courses

We have produced the be all and end all of online courses, A Complete Guide to Rewilding, to help provide expert information so you make the right choices when transforming your (or any other) plot into a thriving, nature-rich ecosystem.

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