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We guarantee to stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone wanting to get involved, whether it's rewilding their backyard or restoring their back woods. And all of our resources, this website, our online course, are geared to helping you all on your voyage; giving you the expertise and confidence to have a go, and prodding you to jump in. However, we appreciate that some people want a more personal kind of support, a deeper level of guidance, 1-2-1 mentoring and to feel part of a fantastic network of rewilded land and inspired landowners. For these people, we have created a three tiered support system, through which...

  • We educate, so people know what they are doing, inspiring them to have a go, and giving them the confidence to know that they are on the right track.
  • More, we provide the necessary tools for those aspiring to become experts.
  • We demonstrate that nature restoration is not only easy, (it really is) but also affordable, flexible and successful.
  • We foster a feeling of belonging within the huge global community of like-minded individuals and organisations making a positive impact for nature.
  • We offer high tier, personalised coaching and mentoring
  • We motivate people by showing them the stunning results of restoration work first hand
  • We encourage people to roll up their sleeves and take action 
  • We empower people to boost their own well being, through creating natural sanctuaries at home 
  • We support efforts to give something back to local communities
  • We enable those dreams of leaving a legacy for future generations
  • And we instil new purpose in those struggling to find it

And what's more, we love doing it, because people feel renewed, and our planet is more resilient for all our futures. Its got to be the best job in the world!

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The WildLand Scheme

This one is for landowning businesses that want to get the job done, become award winning, boost their business and join the team.

  1. Full day site survey and comprehensive Opportunities Report
  2. Four 1-2-1 mentoring meetings + 2 follow up site visits
  3. Annual subscription to the WildBunch Programme
  1. Access to the WildBunch Network of passionate individuals and organisations 
  2. The Rootler Newsfeed
  3. Complete Guide to Rewilding online expert course
  4. Weekly Q&A webinar
  5. Free entry to the Wild Land Awards (you will at be least award nominated)
  6. Your six step guide to full nature recovery

Costs vary between £4997 and £7997 depending on site - please call for details

Or for other landowners, homeowners and individuals, if you want to be inducted into the clan, join our community, honestly, become part of the family, then we'd be proud to have you. Just check out our empowering programmes below ...

WildBunch Programme

Join our phenomenal WildBunch community and enjoy a host of priceless resources for every rewilder. 

1) Firstly, you get complimentary access to the WildBunch Network of like minded individuals. You can chat, support each other, share learning and success stories, knowing you are all part of the same movement and on similar journeys

2) Through the WildBunch Network, you also get the Rootler, a conservation news feed, second to none, that will keep you at the top of your game

3) The WBN also has the Rewilding Classroom, a staggering library of videos, past webinars, and interviews that deep-dive all topics important to nature restoration and rewilding. You will also find loads of forms, links and How-To guides to steer your project

4) Even better, through the WBN you can access your weekly WildBunch Q&A Webinar where you get the chance to ask questions of me or the team to give you the opportunity to get personalised advice or feedback

5) Plus, you get complementary access to the amazing A Complete Guide to Rewilding online course

That’s £4920 worth of support and guidance

at just £497 for the year

Green Circle Programme

Our Green Circle Programme is for our core members; ideal for those wanting more mentoring.

With Green Circle you get everything that our WildBunch clients get..

1) Access to the awesome WBN

2) The Rootler news feed

3) The Rewilding Classroom

4) The weekly Q&A webinar

5) The Complete Guide to Rewilding.

But you also get…

6) Your weekly Green Circle webinar to deep dive topics in rewilding

7) Every fourth week this becomes a Deep Nature Guest Class where you get the chance to be inspired by renowned people from the world of nature restoration, and pick their brains

8) Plus you get six guaranteed 1-2-1 personal mentoring sessions with me, to truly help steer your site journey. You can cover anything in those sessions

That's £9380 worth of support, guidance and mentoring

it's just £1997 for the year

Book an discovery call now and find out more - click here

SuperNatural Programme

Our deluxe SuperNatural Programme family work with us closest of all, to really unleash nature on their land.

We are not offering SuperNatural yet, but will be soon. Don’t worry, for those that are interested there will be an upgrade option from the other programmes..

Here you naturally get all the Green Circle benefits

1) Access to the WBN

2) The Rootler news feed

3) The Rewilding Classroom

4) The Q&A session weekly

5) The Complete Guide to Rewilding

6) The weekly Green Circle webinar

7) The four-weekly Deep Nature Guest Class + Q&A

8) Now you get a longer, monthly 1-2-1 with me to thoroughly support, guide and mentor you to success with your venture

9) Not only that, but we are going to come out to your site for a day, where we can really get to know you and your plot. From that thorough site visit, combined with an extensive desktop analysis, we will tailor you a comprehensive opportunity report* so you can hit the ground running. *[A progress report for returning clients]

10) And every three months, you will be the select few that join us on our Green Seasons excursion to an inspirational Rewilding Site, where you will get to talk to some of the staff and be wowed by these sites and people first hand, what’s more, we throw in lunch and dinner

This amazing package has £13680 of value.

Obviously, we are not going to charge you that, but we'll let you know what it will cost nearer release day.

A Complete Guide to ReWilding - by Richard Godbehere

A Complete Guide to Rewilding online course (normally £297) is yours absolutely FREE with ALL our programmes

Our inspirational online course “The Complete Guide to Rewilding”, is not only yours to keep and refer to whenever you want, it allows you to become an expert. It contains 30 hours of audio across 550 slides that comprehensively discusses all aspects of rewilding, so that you can gain a far deeper understanding of both how rewilding works, and how to run a rewilding project. What's more, it's repeatedly updated to keep you on top of your game. This course is an unparalleled tool for restoring nature to your plot. And it's free on all our programmes - that alone is worth 11% of your Green Circle fee, or a staggering 42% of the WildBunch fee.

In a nutshell...

As an organisation, we are passionate about redressing the balance between ourselves and nature. We want everyone to understand the biodiversity crisis, its implications and how to heal it.

More about us

Biodiversity Recovery

Humanity has exponentially hunted, enclosed, fragmented and stressed species. Habitat loss, combined with climate change, invasive species, disease and extreme weather have left our natural world teetering on the edge.

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Online Courses

We have produced the be all and end all of online courses, A Complete Guide to Rewilding, to help provide expert information so you make the right choices when transforming your (or any other) plot into a thriving, nature-rich ecosystem.

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